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warehouse, an in-house quality control (QC) department complete with Zeiss CMM, a complete line of bearings ready for immediate shipment, and humbly speaking, the best team of employees in the industry.  In addition to our Fort Worth facility, EBT has a global, ISO Certified, manufacturing footprint which also adheres to the same ISO Quality Management System and allows for a level of customization, flexibility, and control rarely found anywhere else in the marketplace.  In addition to manufacturing our own bearings, EBT is also an authorized distributor for many leading bearing manufacturers, including URB.

Do what you say you’re going to do.-

Do what you say you’re going to do.-

Do what you say you’re going to do.-

Do what you say you’re going to do.-

Do what you say you’re going to do.-

Do what you say you’re going to do.-

Our History

Mickey Thompson, the founder of EBT, started in the bearing business with Rollway Bearing in 1963. Over the next 40 years, Mickey honed his skills and expertise in the bearing industry serving Oil & Gas, Industrial, Mining & Construction and many other industries. After years of success, Mickey wanted to develop a company that would leave a lasting legacy.

Our 2 Founding Principles:


Do what you say you’re going to do.


Do it right

As it turns out, Mickey wasn’t alone in this vision. With a shared passion for advancing bearing design and bearing life, Curtis Harrison and Mickey Thompson were a perfect fit as business partners. In his work history, Curtis Harrison had been Chief Engineer at the Western Company of North America, has successfully founded his own company, Geological Equipment, which he sold to Gardner Denver in 1998. Curtis was, and still is, known worldwide as one of the top engineers of modern Frac Pump design and manufacturing.
In 2010, by coupling this shared vision into a business, Mickey and Curtis made it official and EBT was born. Today, through the leadership of President and co-owner, Alan Thomas, EBT is committed to continuing the same legacy built on the foundation of those 2 founding principles. Through the development of young talent to the expertise of the sales staff and everyone single person within the entire organization, EBT works to always do what they say they’re going to do, and do it right.

EBT stocks and offers a wide range of bearings,
including (but not limited to):

With a specialty in Frac Pumps and Frac Pump Design, EBT is known for its expertise in designing, qualifying, and manufacturing roller bearings for main bearings and pinion bearings in Hydraulic Frac Pumps. Given the current trends in Oilfield Servicing, hydraulic frac pumps are being forced to operate under harder conditions, at higher horsepower ratings, for longer and longer hours. This increase in operational requirements has led many OEM pump manufacturers dealing with premature power end failures due to either main bearing or pinion bearing issues.

EBT is proud to have been the solutions provider for many OEMs as they crossed this bridge of building better, stronger pumps. Whether a legacy pump design or a high horsepower E-Frac ready pump, EBT thrives on the challenge to design and audit current bearing use cases, assist in bearing selection, or even engineer completely custom bearings for today’s most extreme fracking applications.

the market has demanded engineering expertise. Now more than ever, EBT is being asked to solve some of the most complex issues facing the Frac Industry and other heavy industrial applications.

Leveraging decades of experience, many industry accomplishments, and a commitment to doing it right; our team is available to continue the same level of quality engineering services to the market.

EBT offers custom engineering services including:

  • Custom bearing design

  • Full pump design

  • Component design

  • Top Line Engineering review

  • Material Composition review

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • In-house inspection service

  • Failure analysis

Discover how we solved the backing out of retainer nuts.

We provide a wide variety of bearing products

Ball bearings maintain the separation between the bearing races, reducing rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. Because the balls are rolling they have a much lower coefficient of friction than if two flat surfaces were sliding against each other.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings are most commonly manufactured in single and double row roller bearings, but are available in other constructive types and sizes.

Spherical Roller Bearings are made to allow angular misalignment between the outer and inner rings, while enduring the most vigorous conditions. The outer ring sphered raceway is self-aligning and can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Needle roller bearings use long, thin cylindrical rollers resembling needles. Compared to ball bearings and ordinary roller bearings, needle bearings have a greater surface area in contact with the races, so they can support a greater load. They are also thinner, so they require less clearance between the axle and the surrounding structure.

A pillow block is a pedestal used to provide support for a rotating shaft with the help of compatible bearings & various accessories.

Tapered roller bearings are rolling element bearings that can support axial forces, as well as radial forces. They are engineered for superior accuracy and control.

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